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DIVER was launched in January 2022 as a project to realise a society that respects the individual by boldly pursuing WEB 3.0 with an innovative proprietary blockchain.

The real world we live in is filled with all kinds of disparities.

People are respected or oppressed according to their appearance, title or capital.

In the Web 3.0 world, the outward disparities in appearance and titles have been reduced.

However, this does not eliminate inward disparities such as limited opportunities due to the amount of assets or the high barriers to business due to intermediary fees.

DIVER's goal of a society that respects the individual is not only concerned with outward disparities, but also with inward disparities.

All disparities fluctuate depending on the position of the parties involved and the social currents.

Nevertheless, DIVER does not allow any power to deprive individuals of the opportunity to participate in the DIVER Time Network.

The reason why we cut off all funding for our projects is because we do not want to be influenced by those in power.

It is DIVER's commitment to respect all individuals who participate in the DIVER Time Network.

We are a small project now, but with cutting-edge technology and a flexible approach, we will create a society where individuals are respected in the near future.

The project name DIVER is named with respect for individuals who are able to question conventional wisdom and conventions and boldly dive into the virtual space for technological innovation.


  • DIVER Chain: a transaction history ledger on DIVER's own distributed network
  • DIVER Time Network: DIVER's economic zone
  • Consortium: Operators contributing to the development of the DIVER Chain
  • Alliances: operators contributing to the development of the DIVER Time Network
  • DIVER Coin: the only currency in the DIVER Chain
  • DRC: abbreviation for DIVER Request for Comments, a technical document outlining DIVER programming.